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by Wyla

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basement weak


released August 25, 2011

edward: vocals/guitar
spencer bradley: drums
strat douglas: bass




Wyla Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: while a - _.
wading through the noise/
learn to let the voices guide you/
through each unsolved night--
no more potion to paint you with the
brush of dreamy light
fading all your love affairs with
truths you'll never know/
sucked into the black hole with the
rays that followed you,
not knowing what would happen to them
what would happen to them
what would happen to them
what would happen to them
what would happen to them...

know i talk too much about
the light and when you see without/
know i talk too much about/
the light and what you see without

nostalgia for an age you've
never lived in--
a place you've never been.
memories forgotten now
might have been
the ones you can't live without


woke up dreaming
i was a demon
come to rescue you
from the ordinary hue
of an unlit sky

while you were laying there
sitting there, sleeping there
i crept into your mind--
not the ordinary kind
of thing to do

thought i'd tell you
in a letter, but that fell through
(my mind's been so scattered recently--
too many things to
think about)

like how the world's gonna end
every year til the end comes
and the past'll never follow through
(there's not a thing to do,

spent my day dreaming
you were the demon
come to rescue me
from the ordinary sea
of everything else

na na na na na na na na na na na na

man it feels so good
to sleep off
the worries of the day--
the many little ways that life can
creep up on you

the wind comes in the window
but the blankets keep us warm
all our plans are gone
and the future's calling...

answer, answer while you sleep
answer, answer while you sleep

{i saw a hawk and it said "hey"}
{alright, okay--have a beautiful day}

you ask me why i give you
blank stares
when you ask me
if you're going crazy

to think that is something
out of control
i know we're far out baby,
connected though, oh

everything is relative to
what you've known before,
lies lead to truths lead to lies lead to more

do you think you'll know when we get there--
out on the edge?
i wanna see the ground before i
fall to it

remember nights wasted
chasing clouds?
do you remember what we
were talking about?

how everything is relative
to what you've known before.
lies lead to truths bring the lies bring the war

it's hard to tell the difference
between friend and foe
when everybody's scared of something
they don't even know

it's hard to tell a black hole
from the spirit in the sky--
it's hard to tell a blank stare
from an unrequited high

there's nothing left,
nothing to guess of what it
could have been

a home
for hollow bones.
fallen from it's cradle in the

there's no one home
since the storm hit.
the lights are gone--
gone for good.