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by Wyla

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homemade honey
thanks to Bri for the name; Trevor Clark, Keegan Hooper, Frank Meadows, Aaron Dowdy, Nick Scavo, Spencer Bradley, and Strat Douglas for musical guidance and all around excellency

free if you want

mediafire link: www.mediafire.com?gew7z18ii1pox11

you can contact wyla at hazlogirar@gmail.com.


released June 25, 2011

Production: Hazlo Girar and Wyla
Songs: Edward Madill/Wyla



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Wyla Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: W(h)i(t)ch
Track Name: Try To Forget
I can't decide
If I like the night
Or if the darkness lets me
Imagine my own
Reality for the world.

There's nothing to hide from,
Nothing to fear,
Oh, and we'll figure it out,
Figure it out,
Before too long.

You're always talking bout the latest thing,
But I wonder if you really care.
I understand where you're coming from,
Cause man, I'm still stuck there.

I'll try to forget...
Track Name: You're the One
Followed home by thoughts of you and your
Similarities to the girls I've always been attracted to.
Eyes that actually look at mine and a secret desire
To be divine and an overwhelming sense that you're the one.

You're the one.
You're the one.
You're the one.

You know me well enough to know I'll
Never be enough to satisfy your love of death.
But I'll keep up my fantasy, innocent as it can be,
and smile, always anyway.

Anyway, always anyway.
Anyway, always anyway.
Anyway, always anyway.
Track Name: Explain
I could never tell you
Why I wanna live.
I could never tell you

And you would never ever
Understand me,
No matter how hard
You try.

'Cause in my world
I am God.
And in your world
You are god.
Track Name: Out of My Mind
I just wanna feel like
Everything is alright,
I can talk with you
And not freak out.

The sparkle in your eyes,
Does something to my mind.
And I can't stop looking,
I can't stop dreaming of you.

Can't get you out of my mind,
Can't get you out.
Can't get you out of my mind,
Can't get you out.
Can't get you out of my mind,
Can't get you out.
Track Name: Take Your Time
Take your time
Please don't worry bout the
Things you have to do.

It's alright
To wonder bout the shade of summer's blue.

And the sun beats down.

Where there's no water, there's no life.
Where there's no sun, there's no light.
Where there's no love, there's no fight.
Where there's no vision, there's no sight.
Track Name: Nebuchadnezzar
After the rain lifts,
On to the third hit.
We're going down to the tomb of

Should have been somehwere,
But I never went there.
But I'm going down to the tomb of

And I am satisfied.
Track Name: Since I Learned My Name
Since I learned my name
I've been
Subject to the ways that
Language gets us all caught up in
The stupid ways our thoughts are funneled into

Since I fell in love
I've been
Subject to the ways that
Dreams can hardly fill my world
But the future's gonna take it's time to
Get here.
Track Name: All We'll Have
Woke up from a heart attack,
Lost everything and gained it back.
Maybe cancer will kill me too,
Before I ever even get a chance to meet you.

Who's scared of nothing--
Nothing at all?
'Cause nothing is all we'll have
When everything is gone.

But with denouncement of modern things
Comes the thought that luddite brings.
I like the future as much as you,
So long as its intent is thought out
Through and through.

Who's scared of nothing--
Nothing at all?
'Cause nothing is all we'll have
When everything is gone.
Track Name: Fatal Flaw
Why's it always gotta be
That you want what you can't have?
Always trying to find
Something you can't put your fingers on.
Never satisfied with the plans you had in mind.
Nothing follows through in the way that you
Wanted it to.

And I fear that it's a fatal flaw
To have our world reduced to things we can use
And out eyes blind with colors money can buy.

But it doesn't have to be
An ending tragic like you see.
Yeah, cause everything is right,
Though there's still a ways to go.
Even when I die,
Though there's no heaven in my eyes,
I'll know that this is home--
Misguided paradise.

And I hope it's not my fatal flaw
To think there's something special
About it all.
And that your whole life's a waste if you don't breathe it and see it.
Track Name: Call You Summer
I thought I'd call you summer,
Oh oh oh oh,
I thought I'd throw my wonder,
At everything I see, everything I see.

Oh I don't know a thing about you,
But here I am, giving you my word.
I don't know what I'll do
With love so far away,
I hope that all my memories won't fade.
Track Name: 18
Out the door to fill my night
With poison and the poison light
Of everything, of everything.
When I'm startled by your screaming,
Scared of too much dreaming,
For one mind, for one mind.

And I know you've found a clever way
To hide behind the peach tree's sway,
but I know you're there, I know you're there.
But I think that you might bite me
If I move my hand too close,
But maybe not--who knows?

I know my father told me
A fox is on the loose,
But I didn't listen--I never do.
Remember as a child thinking your
Songs could call the rain?
Well, I wonder if that will happen again.